Welcome to the 7th EnvImeko - Imeko TC19 Symposium 2017!

The 7th Symposium on Environmental Instrumentation and Measurements will take place at Universidad Panamericana in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Under the slogan ‘Nano systems & analytical nuclear measurements for pollution detection, energy sourcing, bio-sports functionalities, environment/human health and sustainable agro-biotechnology’ researchers from all over the world will get together in beautiful Central Mexico to discuss about innovations and improvements on environmental data acquisition, monitoring and analysis. The latest evolutions in the pollution of air and water or the global warming challenge scientists to work on new methods to be able to detect and react to the current conditions. Authors are invited to submit a full manuscript (4-6 pages including references) for oral or poster presentation. Expanded and improved papers of the version published in the symposium proceedings are eligible for post-publication in international reputed journals (ACTA Imeko; Measurement - Elsevier, International Journal of Measurement Technologies and Instrumentation Engineering; IET Science Measurement Technology) and book series.

La Calavera Catrina
La Calavera Catrina, the Mexican worldwide recognized representation of death by José Guadalupe Posadas, born in Aguascalientes.