Aguascalientes, located in the geographic center of Mexico, was founded in 1575. Its name means “hot waters” in Spanish and originated from the abundance of hot springs in the area. Aguascalientes is part of the Mexican Central Region, which comprises beautiful Spanish-style colonial cities such as Queretaro-Guanajuato-Aguascalientes-Zacatecas-San Luis Potosi.

Recently, Aguascalientes has gained the reputation as a great destination for its superb colonial architecture visible in the colonial center, as well as the modernity and dynamism in the outskirts. The haciendas, hot springs, and baths scattered around its vicinity are also of historical and recreational relevance.

According to National Geographic, in the city of Aguascalientes one of the best sunsets in the world can be seen in the Cerro del Muerto; a hill that resembles the shape of a man lying down.

Aguascalientes can be easily reached by daily flights from Mexico City, Cancun, Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles.